Late Shri Mohanrao Bhide Sanskar Gurukul School is managed by Shri Dnyanyog Vidya Pratishthan trust and chaired by Mr. Yashodhan Sunil Bhide.

Education Philosophy

At Sanskar Gurukul we strive to create a learning environment that nurtures individuality and potential by ensuring an equal thrust on the physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of a child. Identifying strengths and overcoming weaknesses is a process that equips an individual to make choices in all aspects of their lives but to be able to do that, a support system and healthy learning atmosphere are crucial. We believe that students, teachers as well as parents form the pillars of this support system. Thus, open communication and healthy interaction between parents and teachers through the Parents and Teachers’ association forms a vital part of our working philosophy.

Our approach to academics is based on experiential learning. The idea is to allow a child to experience, explore, question and understand concepts, ideas, subjects for themselves, while guiding them gently.

Our Mission

1) To provoke thought
2) To help children express themselves
3) To lend children the space to explore their interests
4) To help inculcate decision making skills

Our Vision

To set new benchmark of quality education through innovative teaching methods ,unique teaching philosophy and providing natural environment and developing sustainable living approach in students.

Our emphasis

is on experiential learning and helping a child grow up to become a well- rounded individual and a responsible citizen. We strive to create an environment which nurtures every child’s potential while still maintaining a healthy competitive spirit.